Access For All Abilities


Disability Advisory Committee

At an Ordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday 11 June, 2014 the Disability Advisory Committee for 2014 - 2016 was endorsed.

The Disability Advisory Committee provides advice to Council on long term strategic and systemic issues that impact on the lives of people with a disability, their families and their participation in community life.

The Committee consists of members of the community, consumer groups, representatives of service providers and people with experience and expertise in the area of disability.

The Committee’s main focus is to contribute to the monitoring, review and evaluation of Council’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

The Disability Advisory Committee members are:

Robyn Hall, Jenene Burke, Ken Gunning, Janine Lyon, Rebecca Paton, Karen McCraw, Vincent McDonald, Narelle Mason, Brett Satori, Bill Sutcliffe, Faye Baxter, Sean Duffy

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