Planning Certificates


A planning certificate contains information about how the Ballarat Planning Scheme affects a property on a given date.

Information on the certificate may include:

  • zoning of the land and, if applicable, overlay planning controls
  • reservations that affect the land
  • classified roads abutting the land
  • proposals contained in an exhibited amendment to the planning scheme


Who Issues Planning Certificates?Top of document.


The Minister for Planning (DPCD) issues all planning certificates relating to land in the municipality.   Council does not issue Planning Certificates. 

An application for a planning certificate can be made online by and following the Titles, Plans and Certificates links. You will need to supply:

  • either your contact details, or your login identification (if you are a registered user)
  • information about the property or properties in question
  • your credit card details for the purchase of the certificate or certificates.

Further information about obtaining planning certificates is available by contacting the Land Information Centre,level 10, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne or by phone(03) 8636 2831.


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